Convertible KeyboardConvertible Keyboard - LE1600 & LE1700
This unique device doubles as a snap-on travel keyboard and mini-dock. Connect it to AC Power and power your Tablet PC as well as charge your tablet's Standard and Extended Battery. It features an integrated pointing stick, USB and Accessory Ports allow you to attach a mouse, printer, and/or DVD/CD-RW. Store the Convertible Keyboard onto the back of the tablet during use or snap onto the front to protect the screen.

USB Keyboard w/TouchpadUSB Keyboard w/Touchpad
Has 88 keys, integrates a touch pad and mouse buttons that can be used in addition to the Digitizer Pen.

Wireless Keyboard - StowawayWireless Keyboard - Stowaway
Wireless Bluetooth lets you use the device up to 30 feet away from your tablet. The Folding Keyboard measures 5.5" x 3.9" x .6" when closed, allowing it to easily fit into a pocket. Standard 18mm key spacing.